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Sugar House Awning

sugar house awning

    sugar house
  • A sugar house (also known as a sap house, sugar shack, sugar shanty, or "cabane a sucre") is a small cabin or shack where sap collected from sugar maple trees is boiled into maple syrup.

  • Sugar House (sometimes typeset as Sugarhouse) is one of Salt Lake City, Utah's oldest neighborhoods. The neighborhood's name is officially two words (Sugar House) although it is often written as one (Sugarhouse). Sugar House is also the site of Westminster College.

  • the refinery building.

  • An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron or steel, possibly

  • a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun

  • (awned) having awns i.e. bristlelike or hairlike appendages on the flowering parts of some cereals and grasses; "awned wheatgrass"

  • A sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway, or deck

Sugar House - Winter

Sugar House - Winter

Just getting a feel for the video on the Nikon D7000. I am very impressed with it so far, as it opens up a ton of creative options with the various lenses that I own. This was all shot in Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City with a Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZF.2. ISO was between 200 and 400, and I shot in aperture priority mode with the aperture set at f/2.8.

The music is for the Main Titles to "Chocolat," composed by Rachel Portman

Sugar House HDR

Sugar House HDR

I went to the Festival of the Sugar Maples at Coral Woods the other day. I wanted to get some different pictures of the event and show more about how sap is collected and how Maple syrup is made.
This is an HDR manipulation of the Sugar House area.
I use Qtpfsgui for my HDR manipulation.

sugar house awning

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